Bella Thorne Kissing A Girl! Is She A Lesbian?

Snapchat is on fire last couple of days! Another video of Bella Thorne kissing a girl! She posted few of videos like this, so we are wondering is she a lesbo or just besexual? (SCROLL DOWN for video)

Bella Thorne Kissing A Girl

Screenshot – VIDEO BELOW

Sometimes we think that only thing that Bella Thorne do is taking pics and videos of herself and posting them on social networks, does she has any other talent??? Yeah, yeah we know, she is an actress and a singer, but what she done lately, one word nothing!

Anyway we are not here to disqus about her talents, but how I see her and her body, she is talented to do something more than just acting and singing… (wink)

Yesterday she posted another video of her and some girl(who cares who she is) kissing each other. And that is not a first video of that kind she is posting on social networks and there is some speculation that she is lesbian or besexual. No comments from Bella so far… What do you think tell us in the comments and enjoy the video!

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