Cortney Palm Nude Scene From Sushi Girl Movie

She wanted to show us her sensual sexual side and that was successful! She is leaving a strong impression and an amazing job in this nude scene from movie – thriller Sushi Girl. Cortney Palm as a geisha is completely naked and in a chair served. Watch Cortney Palm nude boobs in Sushi Girl movie. (SCROLL DOWN for video)

Cortney Palm Nude Scene From Sushi Girl Movie

Screenshot – VIDEO BELOW  

The scene in which Cortney palm appears naked in Sushi Girl movie  holds the audience’s attention from beginning to end, and this is one of those scenes that must look again. Courtney is a beautiful blue-eyed girl, her body is a perfect erotic creation within a vast Universe. In this scene Cortney lying completely naked on the table, at her body the food arrangements. A man touched her boobs and body and  she  reacts sensual. She said: “Nudity does not bother me. I feel a strong sense of freedom being naked”.

Enjoy watching this hot delicious geisha!

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