Iggy Azalea Boob Slip At Party After Braking Up With Nick Young

The hip-hop star is caught in awkward position after braking off engagement with her fiance Nick Young… Paparazzi caught Iggy Azalea Boob Slip while getting out of car to get drunk after brake up.

iggy azalea boob slip close up

On pics below we can see Iggy Azalea getting ready to get drunk after her brake up with NBA player Nick Young. We think that she was already little tipsy and she forgot to cover her boobs properly and suddenly one of them slipped out and sharp eye of a paparazzi caught it! Although she recently broke up, she seemed happy and all smiling… Maybe she arranged some good sex after party to get back her ex for cheating her. We hope she is going to film it like the last time she did it… You can see it below:


And as always enjoy the pics below!

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